How's The Weather?

Where We Live...

Port St. Lucie

West Palm Beach

Taos NM (our summer home in 2004)

Bailey Island ME (our cat-sitting home)

Where We Used To Live...


New York City

...And Everywhere Else

WeatherNet: USA Weather
Forecasts for all U.S. cities can be found here

All U.S. Warnings
A really neat page: the text of all current weather warnings throughout the U.S. -- from tornadoes to blizzards. (The weather's always worse somewhere else!)



Philadelphia/New York

Melbourne FL

Albuquerque NM (closest to Taos)

Portland ME (closest to Bailey Island)

West Palm Beach
Live radar from Channel 12 in West Palm Beach

Everywhere Else
Every radar in the World is here!

Official Hurricane Advisories

The advisories you get every six hours on radio and TV -- and the strike probabilities and 72-hour forecast positions "for intergovernmental use only", too! (Plus some REALLY great graphics!)

(NOTE: These servers can get pretty busy when a storm is bearing down on the U. S.; be patient...)

Source #1 (

Source #2 (NHC)

Source #3 (Weather Underground)

Source #4 (Hurricane Alley)

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